Easy Installation. Zero Permeation.

This environmentally-friendly flexible petroleum piping system offers a zero permeation double wall system and, because it is flexible, it is the easiest product to install. Zero permeation means DoubleTrac® is an industry leader in safety as well as the most cost-effective solution for underground or aboveground storage tank systems for all fuel applications.

The DoubleTrac® system passed Praxair’s Tracer Tight®, CGRS iota® VaporTite V005, and Leak Technologies’ MDleak™ test methods. The MDleak™ test resulted in a tightness leak rate standard of 0.000001 gph – a rate exceeding California’s leak rate by 1000 times.

DoubleTrac® gives the owner and installer a highly reliable system while providing the most cost-effective solution to the industry – resulting in a petroleum piping solution as healthy for your bottom line as it is for the environment.

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